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Along the border between Italy and Slovenia, in the vicinity of Sežana and Trieste, lies the Horse Stud Lipica, a green oasis in the middle of the Karst. It was founded in the year 1 580 by the Austrian archduke Charles, who was at that time the regent of Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, lstria and Trieste. It remained property of the Court of Vienna untill 1918. Lipica experienced in its history good and successful periods as well as hard times. In wartimes the herd of Lipica horses had to flee from Lipica, seeking refuge in other countries. But it always returned from the exile, more or less decimated, yet still succeeding to weather the diffilculties and to recover. Nowadays Lipica continues and even improves the antienl, 400 year old tradition of breeding the white horses. Today Lipica is a well equiped tourist resort offering extensive possibilities so as to satisfy the most exigent guests. Those who have ever seen a performance of the classical school of riding, considere. The visitors become acquainted with the history of Lipica during their visit to the stud farm, which includes also a stop at the art gallery to admire the works of art by Avgust (ernigoj, great Slovene avant-garde painter, who spent some years in Lipica and on the (a rst.
Peaceful and beautiful natural scenery, offering attractive promenades among hundred year old oaks and fragrant lime trees, bicycle riders or riding on thoroughbred Lipica horses, provide unique relaxation and recreation. Children can ride the ponies or amuse themselves on the children's playground, whereas the other guests can opt for the golf course, tennis courts, riding a horse or rides in old fashioned carriages.
Those guests who desire to spent a holiday or at least a weekend in Lipica, can stay in one of the two hotels which offer all comfort with their covered swimming pools, fitness centre, sauna, casino and night-club.