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Nature's most wonderful gallery.
Henry Moore, English sculptor, 1955

Droplets do not only hollow stone out: they also make stone, and the bosom of the world renowned Postojna Caves shelters beauty itself, created by nature over millions of years. THE KARST. Postojna Caves consist of 20 km of wondrously sculpted galleries, chambers and halls, into which over the last 180 years welcoming guides have taken a multitude of 28 rfiillion visitors, each year driven here by curiosity, a devotion to nature or the need for mystery and beauty. This century visitors have been able to take a train into the caves and admire their monumental beauty and sheer size under electric lighting, which has made "Dante's Inferno" more pleasant and human, even sunny. And when the eye settles on Proteus anguinus (the human fish), the most notable resident of the darkness, yet another veil is drawn back in the kingdom of the cave dragon. Postojna Caves are open all year round. Visits last one and a half hours, and the temperature inside the caves is a constant 8C.